Agusta Wind

Robin Van Dam



Deep inside the forest, beneath the leaves of the trees;

Live magical fairies, every child believes.

There happened a story, one bright sunny day,

When a tiny raindrop fell on a fairy at play.


High up in the mountains, nestled snug in the valley;

There's a small town called La Fayette

and a little fairy named Sally.

Ask any fairy what happened that day,

La Fayette was bustling with joy, they would say.

Every fairy was busy with their tasks at hand,

As they prepared to celebrate, throughout the land.


Holidays were fun and full of joyous things,

And when wedding bells rang, they'd all flap their wings.

But every fairy knew, this day was so special.

A baby was coming to the castle to nestle.


Every fairy in La Fayette was busy baking and sewing.

Their faces were happy. Their hearts warm and glowing.

The cakes were the sweetest, as every fairy knows.

Each bonnet and blanket adorned with ribbons and bows.


Not a fairy in La Fayette had any inkling,

Just a few valleys over. . . it started sprinkling.

Clouds started forming, Agusta Wind began to blow;

Just above the valley, where Sally played below.

All the fairies in La Fayette loved birthdays a lot,

But Agusta Wind, just a few valleys over,

most certainly did not!

Agusta Wind hated birthdays, no one knows exactly why.

Not for cute little girls or for mischievous little guys.


It could be perhaps, that he lost all his marbles.

Or maybe his head was just full of garbles!

But I think that maybe, as he grew older,

his heart grew bitter, getting colder and colder.


A tiny raindrop fell, just as I said,

and drenched little Sally, wings to toe, when it landed on her head.

The sky began to darken and the air filled with gloom.

An awful storm was brewing, stirring a feeling of doom.

Little Sally was worried, so away she flew;

Back to La Fayette, to see if they knew.

Her wings were so heavy and she couldn't fly far;

So she rested herself on an old glass jar.

Along came Who-o-o Owl, curious as ever;

Asking, "Who-o-o are you?", thinking he was so clever.

Little Sally told Who-o-o Owl what was the matter,

When along came a monkey that excitedly chattered.

"Ooh! Ooh!", said the monkey, as he swung from limb to limb.

"Ah! Ah! He's coming! He's coming! It's him! It's him!"

Little Sally looked up and saw the leaves of the trees;

falling down to the ground and covering her knees.

She wondered out loud, asking all that she could,

"Why does Agusta Wind hate birthdays? Please tell me, if you would."

She asked Mother Nature with the help of Who-o-o Owl,

"How did it all start? Why is Agusta Wind so foul?"

Mother Nature shook her head with a long sad sigh

as she looked at Little Sally's wondering eyes.

She gazed into the distance at the coming storm

and told Little Sally why Agusta Wind's heart was torn.

"On calm starry nights, baby girls and baby fellers,

fly down from the sky in air balloons with propellers.

Babies were ballooning throughout the land,

And then Balmy Breeze reached out her hand."

"He slipped through her fingers as her breeze blew past,

Tipping him over, just out of her grasp.

Little Agusta Wind fell out of his balloon,

Never to hear a sweet lullaby tune."

"Balmy Breeze could not catch him, so she blew and blew;

Away went Agusta Wind . . . Where? Nobody knew.

Balmy Breeze blew so hard to keep him from falling.

You can still hear her cries as she keeps calling and calling." 

"He never came down to laugh and play;

He never even had his very own Birthday.

So, when there's a birthday or joyous occasion;

Agusta Wind blows and blows with sad indignation."

Little Sally flew home as fast as she could

and asked the city counsel to help if they would.

"Give Agusta Wind a birthday of his very own.

A grand celebration to soften his heart of stone."

The town fairies all cheered at Sally's suggestion,

but the King frowned grimly with indigestion.

Then the king said,

with his hands on his head,

"Agusta Wind is coming, to blow everything away!

He won't even care if it is "His" Birthday!

But if you wish to try. . .", he said with a sigh,

"We'll give him a birthday, but I don't see why?"

Agusta Wind blew a gust that whipped round and round.

From the top of the mountain, all the way down.

But Sally had a plan; she knew what to do.

She would invite Agusta Wind to a party for two!

So little Sally flew as high as she could,

and asked Agusta Wind to join her, if he would.

Agusta Wind was annoyed. Why should he bother?

He had no friends, no mother, and no father.

Little Sally explained, "I will be your friend;

Forever and always, to the very end!"

Agusta Wind accepted and the party was tomorrow,

at six o'clock sharp, with no time to borrow.

Agusta Wind was excited! He had a new friend!

And he went to the party in the valley around the bend.

When he arrived, much to his surprise,

It was "His" Birthday Party and tears filled his eyes.

They showered him with gifts and Ice cream with cake,

But he still felt sad; it was all a fake.

And then, out of nowhere, Balmy Breeze appeared;

With her arms reaching out and everyone cheered!

She finally caught up with Agusta Wind

And held him close, so his heart would mend.

She was his mommy and she loved him so much.

For such a long time, he longed for her touch.

All the fairies in La Fayette quietly watched in awe.

Tears filled their eyes from what they heard and saw.

Joy filled their hearts with a burst of glee

and the winds gently rustled the leaves on the trees.

The sweet sound of a lullaby softly filled the air,

As Balmy Breeze and Agusta Wind felt the love they shared.

Agusta Wind was so happy. He had family and friends.

And now, when there's a birthday, the fun never ends.


The End

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Sung by Maria De Credenza Sung by Maria De Credenza

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